Exclusive knitwear now available from the new collection.



Ed Curtis: Art Sale

Shot by photographer Raphael Bliss and styled by Matthew Josephs, the collection indulges in multiple contrasting artworks. A mash-up of hand-painted, screen and digital artworks combined as tools that create the ultimate fashion art attack. Galaxies, smiley faces, paint splodges and warped artworks have been curated into an explosive collection and reframed into wearable garments.


The Lizzie Knit Jumper is here!

Crafted in the UK from soft and insulating Lambswool. It’s knitted with a crew neckline, set-in sleeves and a cropped hem.
The multicoloured face is intarsia knitted and features on the front and sleeves.

Lizzie Tee

£ 65.00 GBP

Lizzie Jumper Yellow

£ 375.00 GBP

Lizzie Jumper Blue

£ 375.00 GBP


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